Burma Genocide 101

If you don’t already know, Human Views has reduced the chats to twice a month. The first and the last month are always the most exciting for people so why not for Human Views?

This chat this week promises to be an exciting one. Many of you may not realize but there’s a genocide presently going on in Burma. If you haven’t heard of it, you are not alone. It has been ignored for sometime even though thousands of people are people eliminated or expelled out of home.

We’ve made a fancy little infographic for you to catch up with. See you in the chat!

What's going on in Burma-


Female Genital Mutilation – (FGM)

“What’s the chat about this week?”

“It’s about Female Genital Mutilation.”
“Wow, that’s an uncomfortable topic. Is next week’s topic more user friendly?”
This is an actual reaction to this week’s topic, and a stark example of why this conversation needed to happen via HumanViews. By way of reminder, HumanViews seeks to provide honest conversation about real topics, things that are occurring around the world, whether people are comfortable discussing it or not.
That being said, we had another successful conversation this week with Orchid Project, an organization that has a mission to end Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM. From the chat we gained important information regard FGM, including its approximate origination around 2200 BC,before the advent of Islam and Christianity, and between 100 and 140 million females have received FGM. FGM is recognized as a form of control, and a source of violence against women. 
Other facts to note include:
– In some countries, FGM is performed by professionals
– FGM is grounded in tradition in some cultures – and if a woman refuses to participate, she cannot be a wife, mother or even cook in the community.
– Additionally, FGM is a religious practice as well, mainly amongst the Islam, Christian and Jewish faiths.
The truth of the matter is that the practice of FGM puts females at risk of major medical problems, and victims suffer negative psychological effects as well. For our female readers who are sexual active, imagine being unable to feel pleasure from sexual acts with your loved one. Or for the males, imagine being unable to bring your loved one a true feeling of pleasure and connection due to FGM. The practice of FGM is something that should be discontinued worldwide, in order for it to stop. If practicing communities make an effort to cease participation in FGM, it would cease to exist. This can only come about through education and changing minds, as well as bringing awareness so that the practice can be brought to an end.
Join us February 18th as we discuss male and intersex circumcision, using the hashtag #humanviews on Twitter at 3pm EST. 

Human & Sex Trafficking

Human Trafficking is described as the modern day slavery, and includes any activity where one person “obtains or holds another person in compelling service”.

This week, HumanViews tackled this important topic with the guidance of Maura Finn of the Georgia Asylum and Immigration network (GAIN). Finn explained that women and children are particularly vulnerable to trafficking, and are most vulnerable to extreme poverty, which makes them easier to exploit. These people are usually lured in under the premise of a legitimate job, but others are forced or threatened, or their family is threatened.

Finn went on to detail the fact that experts have trouble helping a trafficked victim, as the signs are difficult to pick up on right away. She also gave some more details regarding documentaries including “Not My Life” via UNICEF USA .

A woman as a victim of human trafficking was forced to have sex with up to 60 men per day.

The name of her pimp was tattooed on her, like property or an animal.

She was savagely beaten if she did not earn money.

She prayed for death. 

Human Trafficking Victim tells her story

This is the reality for some women – due to a thriving and continuing sex and human trafficking industry. If you suspect someone is a victim of trafficking,  please call your local police, or contact the National Human Trafficking Resource center at 1-888-373-7888.

Join us on Wednesday at 3 p.m. for another segment of #HumanViews as we declare February 12, Vagina Day and discuss Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) with David from Orchid Project. 

GAIN Fellow Maura Finn Discusses Human Trafficking on Human Views Live Chat

Thank You, GAIN.


GAIN fellow Maura Finn was a guest on the Human Views live chat on twitter last week, where she discussed human trafficking and her experience working with trafficking survivors at GAIN. Human Views is a weekly web-chat dedicated to global humanitarian issue. The conversation is reproduced below. Because of the nature of twitter (tweets are limited to 140 characters), the questions and responses are brief, but several important issues were touched on, including the particular susceptibility of poor women and children to human trafficking, and the difficulties with victim identification. 

Human Views Live Chat: Human and Sex Trafficking

[Some answers that were broken up into multiple tweets have been condensed to make the conversation easier to follow.]

HV Chat ‏@HVChat : Hi all, thanks for joining our third installation of #HumanViews.

Maura Finn ‏@Mf2304: Hi #HumanViews!

HV Chat: Hello! Thanks for joining us. We’ll be joined by my co-host [Chauntez]…

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Forced Marriages

It’s strange – it would seem that when things don’t affect us directly, we turn a blind eye toward and neglect the importance of it. With human issues, the old adage rings true… “He who feels it, knows it”. However, to quote Jazlyn Roehl, “You have two choices in life…Choice one is to be the same and be like everyone else…Choice two is to be yourself and be a difference-maker”. As you know, Human Views was birthed out of the desire to be difference-makers, to educate people on issues that exist, and to use this education to make a change.

We have to say, we tried to organize the chat last week, but issues with technology prevented a successful launch. Gee Wilkes! It seemed as though whatever could go wrong, did. After a slight round, frustration won round one, but we came back in round two stronger than before. We were even able to get crucial feedback from those who participated in the first attempt, which helped us to prepare for our second, successful, twitter chat.

This topic is such an important one, and one that is not a commonly discussed issue in our society in The Bahamas. The chosen topic was “Forced Marriage”, and invited Alex from It’s My Right – No Forced Marriages ( check out the group on Facebook: It’s My Right). Our initial research uncovered some startling statistics:

14 million girls under the age of 18 marry each year.

That’s around …

1,166,666 a month

269230 a week

38,461 a day

27 every minute

Or around one girl every two seconds.

Among the countries where the rate of early and forced marriage exceeds 70 per cent – Niger, Chad and Mali – adolescent fertility and maternal mortality rates are also high.  See more here .

We decided to put together a few questions and ask our Twitter and Facebook followers to add to this list as well. We received an overwhelming response from our social media outlets, and were able to shorten our list of questions to seven crucial ones, that would shed the most light on the topic. A nagging question for us was if forced marriage was a cultural thing, and that it does not happen where we live, right? Or does it?

Using  the hashtag #HumanViews, questions were posted to Alex for response, all the way in the United Kingdom. After introductions were made, Human Views got right into the nitty gritty regarding the topic, seeking to shed light on the issue and discover the shocking reality for groups of females across the globe. Questions including, “On the issue of child brides, how can we bring awareness & address this equally or perhaps more upsetting trend?” and “What are some obstacles in navigating cultural and religious sensitive areas & how are they being overcome in the industry?” were posed for response, and  Alex handled each question with detailed precision that left participants enlightened and educated them on the details of the subject. You can read a full transcript of the chat here: Storify.

At the end of the hour, we closed the chat with Alex, and deemed our second attempt a real success. We are encouraged to again  bring real issues to the forefront, with an interest in educating and providing information for a global audience. Join us next week, when we will discuss human and sex trafficking. In the words of Alex, “Education is empowerment, there are NO limits to the change we can bring”. Stay Empowered!


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